April 17, 2013

Spirit has been telling me lately to chill the fuck out.

(not a direct quote) 🙂

That basically I have been doing and doing — doing too much and that I should take some time, slow down a bit, and let Spirit help me more.

And this is what I am learning now.

I seem to have been learning this for a little while now – and no big deal, cause when we get it, we get it.  And I think this is something that we all have to keep track of throughout our lives.

How much are we DOING.  WORKING — WORKING

and how much are we letting Spirit do for us — and RECEIVING?

This is not a question everyone asks themselves of course, but for me — once I welcomed in Spirit to help me with my business, it’s something I am aware of.

Something I’m mindful of.

Something that I’d like to learn – and am learning, how to be a better receiver — and how to let Spirit do for me more.

Because I will seesaw — go from maybe in the receiving mode a bit too much and not so much action (maybe?) — and then go to the other side, get really passionate about what I am currently working on and not wanting to step away (too much working / doing)

So okay.. I know how to receive.

This post is about balancing the two.

That’s a beautiful dance to learn how to do.