May 16, 2013

So remember I shared with you that dragon flies have been EVERYWHERE around me these days.  A huge messenger and supporter of me right now.  Thank you.

Well, one of their messages is to change routines.

And I have been.

Way much more fun.  I sat at the pool yesterday – during the day — read some of my g-ddess book (story about this in a minute!!) and swam laps, made friends with some kids who wanted to play with me in the pool, lol.  I raced them 🙂

And went to the beach yesterday for a few hours, met with my favorite tree friend there, which is very nice.  Watched a movie — took walks.  I seem to have had so many hours in the day yesterday and was still productive.

Life has gotten to be a lot of fun.  Very enjoyable.  And I have become so playful and goofy.  Very childlike — and I love it.

I seem to have gotten very serious and lost that side of me when I was with my ex and the sadness I was feeling with that at times, plus our two serious personalities only made things more serious (he’s a Capricorn and I’m a Cap rising) — both very structured and serious.

There wasn’t enough play in our relationship.  No way.

And the stress of being apart, etc… ahh, all of it.  Anyway.

I’m so happy to have this very fun-loving life-loving Blaire back in my life.  I love her!  She’s having so much fun.  And life and business should be fun!

Very happy I’m here!

I’ll write about my g-ddess book and synchronicities in the next post, they’re related 🙂