November 28, 2012

The next day, after having a horrible sleep, I was able to think straighter and be back in my power.  I realized that this was just a lesson Spirit was teaching me to clear out more of my victim mentality and to be fully in my power and take control of all aspects of my life.

The dog had bit me.  I was in shock, but I was able to protect myself and get help as needed.  I had taken one dose of the antibiotic the night before, but today I was going back to the remedy I felt good about.  I was to contact my Naturopath.  Have a conversation and get on a treatment plan, the natural way.

And that’s exactly what I did.  Back in my power.  Taking a remedy.  Treating my body in a way I was happy about and in a way I felt empowered with.  Who cares that I had taken 1 of the antibiotics the day before.  Who cares that my father encouraged me and the doctor at the hospital gave me a script for the antibiotic, I know my body and I know what’s best for me.

And that’s how I took back my power in this situation.  I put away the antibiotics and I started my remedy.  The fear was gone and I was able to think straight and be grounded in my decision.  And that’s the way it goes.  Good for you Blaire 🙂  Back in your power.