November 6, 2012

Today I wanted to talk about assumptions.  Yes, this is related to the next post and it felt important that I break it out to a separate post.  Assumptions.

Another thing that happens when we start doing our gift as a business is that we make assumptions.

We assume that if we don’t do our business like others do it that we may be doing something wrong.

We may assume that if others show a big following on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, we may assume that their work is better than ours.  (if they are in a related field/teaching something related).

We may assume that they know their stuff and maybe we’re not so good if we have a lesser following.

We may assume that one spiritual teacher or expert is more popular than another if they get more YouTube visitors or Facebook fans.

We may assume that person makes more money than us.

We may assume that they are “more successful.”

There are so many assumptions that can and will come up when you start to do this as a business and I want to bring some of them to your awareness.  Just because they are thoughts, doesn’t mean they are true.  Just because you are assuming something about someone, doesn’t mean that it’s valid.

I find the best way to do business, my business, a spiritual business… being a spiritual person doing a spiritual business is to simply just look at my own business.

No one else’s.  Although yes, at times I will get sucked into watching what others do…. sometimes it’s good cause it sparks a creative idea or I get an education on how to do something new that I wasn’t currently doing in my business… but I find the sweet spot for me and my creativity is to keep my eyes focused only on my stuff.

Besides, I have too much other stuff I need to take care of… and usually when I am focused on other people’s stuff I am totally distracted from my life and what I need to take care of in order to care for myself.

I’m going to talk about this in a couple of posts (the caring of self).