May 11, 2013

Last night while I was walking Magic a little snake quickly slivered away from the path where we were going to walk.  It was incredible.  ANOTHER SNAKE!

I quickly said thank you!  Very grateful that snakes keep helping me on my path.  I really appreciate all the changes, although I do feel I’m living a bit in the unknown right now.  Big changes are occurring under the surface.

So after that excitement I went to sleep not too long after and had terrible dreams last night.

Panic over money.  Panic over getting a part time job and not knowing where to apply.  Yelling at someone in my dreams.  On and on.  Not good stuff.

I was doing so good during the day, but then that…. crap.

In the early morning I was reminded when I was going through this process of trusting and following the lead of the Universe when it came to love.

I remember being much more detached.  Much more in the fun of everything, trusting, and enjoying the process.

That must have been because my life was a lot of fun then.  I was doing press interviews all the time.  I had loads of people following my blog and blog updates.

It was a big adventure.

I also remember, very strongly remembering this thought — I used to have it a lot — “G-d did not put me in the spotlight like this, with all these people watching me, for me to fail.  I knew something good would come out of it.”

So that’s something key for me to remember at this time.  Yes, situations are different but my connection to Spirit is much stronger — so I should be MUCH MORE CONFIDENT, TRUSTING AND KNOWING — and exactly true, G-d wouldn’t put me in this situation for me to fail.