February 10, 2013

So I got another press request today.  I should be super excited, right?

Well.  No.

Not interested…. again.

This time it’s for an interview on CBS radio / SKY radio.  I am familiar with this outlet.  I know some people who have a radio show on this station.  Yes, they are on REAL radio in the car, but I’m not interested in doing the interview, it’s like Blog Talk Radio to me.  I don’t think many listen and I don’t think the people have much of a following.

But besides this, this is a new way of reacting for me.  Turning press interviews down.

Part of me is wondering – is this the Universe bringing me good stuff, to build up my following even more, so I get a better book deal?  Am I a fool to be turning these things away when they could be good for me?  My platform?

But if I tap into my heart, I don’t want to bother.

The interview is 1 hour and that’s just way too long.

I don’t want to teach for free — and that was the same feeling I felt with that newspaper request.  Spending my time, giving him information so he could write about it and get paid for it.

There’s no point and no interest.

These days I’m interested in protecting my work.  Protecting my time and energy.

Getting paid for my work.

Working one on one with students.

Sure, I’d do a big TV show interview, this would be good – but these little ones, these ones I used to say YES to, well I don’t feel like bothering.

I’m more interested in writing my book and building my private practice.

I really love working one on one with people.  It feels so fantastic and I love seeing the changes in their lives.  It’s so beautiful and sooo fulfilling, plus I get paid very well to do what I do.  It’s wonderful!!  This is what I’d like more of.  I guess the Universe is still asking me, “are you sure Blaire?”  Helping me define my desires.

Thank you!!