May 29, 2013

I posted this on my Facebook:

Okay – so it’s time for me to start dressing the way I have always envisioned myself dressing while teaching…. it’s a bit outrageous. A costume look — and a real performance / entertainment feel when I teach. This makes me very excited — very very happy because it’s fun and uplifting and totally different and again, something I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time — but it’s also a bit concerning. Some fear to clear out. Time to really be seen. The fun goes to another level, now.  Of course I welcome your blessings in this transition. Exciting!!!! Thanks!

So okay, looks like I am posting some updates.  Again, it feels so exciting — I want to share.

But then this brings up urgent feelings that this show needs to be produced and following me around now.  That’s great footage, for me to be trying on wedding and prom gowns, etc.  That’s great footage.  And me giving commentary.

So okay, more push for me to write up this pitch and to start pitching.  I’m ready, I’m ready, no more delaying 🙂

This is so exciting — and as I was responding to someone’s post on my FB for this status, I was reminded of a memory.

A memory of two things.

One was when i was in college.  I used to LOVE dress up to go clubbing.  I became another person.  A super power.  My whole energy changed.  I felt powerful, in charge, sexy, a seductress. I felt incredible.

I loved going shopping and getting dressed up in club wear.

And back then I had the idea to create club outfits.  One of my friends even picked up on this energy and called me lovingly, Blaire BootieWear.  Haha.  That would have been the name of my company.  Maybe.  It’s funny regardless.

And then the second memory was when I graduated college.

I came up to NYC and was still dressing for clubs in Miami.

It was a huge difference between the two cities.  My friend used to joke with me / complement me on how I was dressed.  Real skimpy bootie wear outfits with high heels.  Damn, I looked good.  Real good.

But yes, I definitely stuck out in the NYC scene.  People definitely wearing more clothes.

The difference was cause I was coming from a hot climate that is very much latin american influenced — into a cold climate, I graduated in December and then was walking around almost naked through the streets of NYC in the middle of winter.

It was great.

And then I used to think about how great it would be to still wear your club clothes out during the day.

AND i even went through a period that I kind of did….


Hilarious.  And kind of crazy that I did that.  But it was fun.

And then I used to have fantasies of everyone wearing costumes to their office.

I love when Halloween comes around and people wear costumes to work.  I love that.

I used to fantasize about this, what it would be like.

I just think it makes life so much more fun.  To wear a costume rather than a boring outfit.

AND THEN, when I was with my ex — who’s British, I totally fell in love with what the Brits do — they dress up in a costume to go clubbing.  Called Fancy Dress. And it’s totally normal to wear a costume to a club every weekend.  Awesome.

So this all makes total sense.  I’ve had inklings about this my whole life.

I can trace it back tonight to when i was 20.  But who knows how far back this goes?


And so exciting!  I am so in love with this!!

Taking my life out of my daydreams — time to live my dreams now, in real life.  Yes 🙂  Awesome.