February 20, 2014

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the spiritual equivalent to Oprah — Lilou Mace.

She has a YouTube web TV show and over 65,000 subscribers.

I drove to North Miami to meet with her and the interview went great.

Fantastic opportunity and an opportunity that is going to open many doors to me.  I feel it!

So while I was there — the one interview manifested into two as she was so inspired by talking to me that she grabbed her other camera and said “This is so fantastic, I’m so inspired listening to you — such great information — we’re going to do a second interview for GAIAM TV”


That’s huge.

And so we did it.

And ever since I’ve been watching her site and Gaiam’s to see if my interview has been posted.

Excited — anxiously awaiting.

And today I decided to announce it on my Twitter and Facebook.

I noticed that I had posted yesterday about booking a radio gig for talking about being political and spiritual, being an Awakened Warrior and so forth… and I asked myself, why not post about this great stuff too?

I have plenty to be happy about.  Plenty to be proud of.  Plenty to celebrate.

And I want to share and celebrate.

And NOT be afraid, scared, fearful.

So I posted it.

Again, why wouldn’t I.

But I noticed that these fears started coming up.

Those girls are gossipying about me today again.

They spend all day talking about me on Twitter.  It’s really quite strange – and I guess they have no work to do.

So what are the fears?

Because one must look at these if one is going to clear and heal them.

They are — that someone — many of them — will get others to write nasty emails to these establishments that I’m racist and then these people won’t want to publish my work.

That they’ll take their word over mine.

That they’ll fall into the comments others are saying, rather than what is the truth.

And I realized I had this same fear when my course on DailyOm came out.

Fear that all those people trash talking me on the forum where going to cause DailyOm to take down my course.

And that didn’t happen.

Instead the lady was great and she sided with me — she saw the beauty about my work before I even said anything to defend myself.

It was fantastic.

So that was many months ago, you think I wouldn’t be carrying that around anymore.

Plus it’s past life related — that again, I did healing and clearing around.

So I just called on my angels and guides to beautify my thoughts — raise my vibration and to carry on.

To keep on carrying on.

This is my success and I will be happy about my rise.

Thank you.