January 12, 2013

I’m not really sure what that title means, I have to look it up after I post this, but it felt appropriate and it was the wording that came to me when I was told to write a post.

I rise from the ashes.

Over the last week I was feeling a bit lost.  I have noticed that I go on this HIGH of being on mission and so in my power and fully of abundance in serving and then I went into this space of confusion, “What am I to do next?  And is that the right step?”

I think that just had to do with my processing and healing phase that I was going through this week, maybe part of the last week too… can’t remember off hand…

But here I am again.  I rise from the ashes.

Last night I watched my favorite show on TV, Scandal.

I don’t watch many TV shows – maybe 2 or 3 — but Scandal is one of them.  I think it’s brilliant writing.

But last night was disgustingly violent.  It was making me sick and it went on throughout the whole show.  They were showing how the American government/FBI torture prisoners to get them to talk.  Something like that…

Anyway, this got me outraged.  Well, maybe not outraged, but annoyed – cause now here, my favorite TV show was ruined.  I wanted it to be over.  I questioned if I was going to have to stop watching it.

I thought of it as I went to sleep (unfortunately)

And throughout the night it played in my mind.

And here is the inspiration for my next video.

I have a few angles floating around in my head as to how I can take this, but I’m going to honor my guidance from last time (and again what’s playing in my head now) and that is to write a speech.

Pull different sides of the argument and I want to present it in the way that the TV Media can really hear me.  Not turn them off.  Not be “too hippy spiritual” to have them NOT listen.

And this is where my passion comes back alive.

My mission is awakened.

Here it is again.  I FEEL ALIVE.

Many people didn’t understand my comment about going back in the mainstream, but I think this is what this means.  Not to change my lifestyle, but for me to bring my teachings into the mainstream, by relating it to things that are happening and of interest to everyday people and for me to step in giving the spiritual perspective.

That’s the thing also… and why I need to craft this speech.  The story of violence in media is bad has been said before.  I have to have a new twist to it.

This is what I feel excited about.

I actually would LOVE to speak on this on a regular basis.  News items, mainstream items, and give the spiritual perspective of it.  Call people to action.

Being on TV on a regular basis talking about this.  Wow, that would make me HAPPY.  I would feel “this is IT” (which interestingly enough I was just asking myself that question last night… as I have about 4 things that I want to manifest that would make me feel fantastic, as in what I was meant to do here in the world)

It always comes back to TV.  But if I had to pick one thing, right now.  It would be THIS.  Speaking about these important topics on TV on a weekly basis.  (and of course, hopefully, getting paid for it… but I would love to do it right off the bat, right now, for free).  Get my foot back in the door (I used to work in TV).  Now I really have something to say.  (Before I was behind the scenes).  This stuff is important.


She rises from the ashes!