November 18, 2012

After I wrote one of those last posts, this thought came to me… that all these books and information I tend to gather has been serving to stuff my mind.  That’s always been the plan I think, cause I had an intense desire for knowledge and wisdom, huge curiosity, and also maybe a confidence / insecurity issue.  Maybe I did it all cause I didn’t think I was enough.  Didn’t think I was enough.  Again, it goes back to valuing myself.  Or rather, not valuing all my knowledge and wisdom.

The thought that came to me after I wrote that post about not wanting to read anymore …. which goes along with not really being able or interested in listening to all the audios about business and spirituality that I used to listen to in all of my spare time is because I have an overstuffed mind.

And actually I think many of us have an overstuffed mind… but what I am going to mention here, about my overstuffed mind, is not how I think most people have an overstuffed mind.  Follow me here, I’ll explain it 🙂

My overstuffed mind has to do with a releasing of the old.  I have constantly been clearing out clutter.  Saved articles, and interviews, and books, and piles amongst piles of papers… and emails.  Too stuffed with information.  For me, now, it’s about simplifying.  Clearing out so I have more energy to share.  More energy to teach.  I have the material I need – and now it’s about putting it down in books and in my programs for others.  No more new information.  That’s it.  Overstuffed.  There’s no room for it.  It wants to come out.

For others, most people in our society and whether this is you or not, you can decide for yourself…  I think that many people have an overstuffed mind, as in obsessive thoughts.  Busy minds.  Constantly thinking in patterns that don’t serve them anymore.  And then not knowing how to slow down that mind chatter and clear it to healthy thinking.  That’s where I come into play.

So I’m not going to say that “I don’t know why I can’t read anymore… or even watch documentaries or listen to audios teaching something…” I DO KNOW.  I know, and it’s cause it’s time for me to teach.  For me to focus SOLELY on my material and bring it out into the world.  Now it’s time for me to clear the pathways to the exit.  And that’s what I have been doing for months…