March 6, 2014

So lately I started channeling individual archangels and ascended masters.  I think this is pretty cool since before or rather usually, it’s a collective that comes through when I write and listen / talk to.

There was the mention of “lightworkers” and addiction talked about on a radio show and I asked AA Michael what I’m addicted to.  I already know sugar… but this is part of the channel he just shared with me… straight, to the point, ass kicking. 🙂

Blaire, you go around looking for guidance when guidance is right here at your doorstep.  There is no need to look any further or ask anyone anything when you know it inside of you.

What has happened that you became weak and reliant on others? Addicted to phone psychics?  You were just asking what your addiction is and that is it.

Addiction to asking someone else what is right for you.

You have the guidance you are just addicted to asking elsewhere.

(I wrote… Okay, I’ll ask you.  I was busy preparing – packing up – releasing and now it’s still feeling, quiet. So what do I need to do? Is there something to do? Am I doing something wrong? What is happening)

Blaire, there is your other addiction — did I do something wrong.

You need to get comfortable – confident – settled in being right.

You are doing everything right.

Everything is well and things are still manifesting.

You know this.  Again — you are just looking for that outside voice to comfort you.

Those radio shows are an addiction to you.  Keep off it.  Cold turkey.  There is no need to listen to that one and that one and that one.

What would happen if you listened to no one but you?

How much more time would you have if you didn’t spend your day looking for psychics to listen to?  You would find new things to do.

Don’t be addicted to the old – dull – and boring.

You don’t like it and it doesn’t suit you.  It disempowers you.  Just like TV is a waste of your time, so is the internet.  Time waster.  Dream delayer.

And you know sugar is your other addiction but that will leave once you are busy with life.

So are you able to refrain from your addictions so you can step into the life you dream of?  Thoughts will come up – fears, doubts – but then you’ll be able to clear them and step forward gracefully, powerfully, clearly.  Let’s do it!


Okay, so I knew this.  Duh.  That’s what he just finished telling me.

The fear is that I’ll be bored.  The fear is insecurity.  The fear is maybe I don’t know.  Maybe I’m not right.

But I am fucking right — all the time.

That’s it.  I’m done listening to the radio shows with all the psychics and healers.

Cold turkey, like he said.

Days are wasted listening to that shit and I don’t learn anything new because I already know the answers.  I know my time would be better off sitting in silence.  Sitting outside in nature.  I know ideas will come up with new things to do.

I’m afraid of the silence.  I assume that equals boredom.

Maybe it also equals more creativity.  New ideas.

The fear is that my life will get more boring.  More silent.  More isolated.

I get it — I see those radio shows and internet as a way of me feeling connected.  But it has to stop.  It is stopping.  Now.  I’m done.

When he said “Dream delayer” – ooohh, that’s the key for me and he knows it.  I don’t like hearing that.

So I’ll stop.

Like he said — let the fears come up — I already feel the anxiety, the panic of “I’m bored… and I have nothing to do… and it’s too much silence” — but I get it.  I have to walk through that.

That’s the only way to the other side — and boy do I want to get to that other side.

As if I wasn’t taking enough deep breaths before.  Now I am even more.

I can do this.

I”ll try it as an experiment.

Yep.  Panic of too much free time coming up.

Okay, this is good.

Thank you AA Michael, my fellow warrior. Thank you.  I accept your challenge.  That ass kicking — ha, you really did it this time.

Thank you.