January 11, 2013

I’ve been meaning to post this….

It didn’t dawn on me until yesterday when a somewhat psychic friend was giving me a reading.

And that realization is this…

Being around my family members doesn’t bother me… doesn’t effect me… doesn’t upset me like it used to.


This is something I healed!  It took a long time, but I made it to the other end!

Most people in the spiritual community get to the point where they feel they are enlightened… and then get a rude awakening when they spend sometime with their family members and get all kinds of annoyed and triggered.

But that’s what I healed over the last few years and over Thanksgiving I think was the final part of that healing process, because since I have been seeing my parents from Christmas time and beyond I have been having a hell of a good time with them.  Our relationship has changed – and it is so much better!

I am so grateful for this.  I am spending more quality and FUN time with my dad, which is something I never really did one on one with him.  And I see my mom every single week, for extended periods of time.  That I find very enjoyable time.

I’m so grateful for this — and in that psychic reading she was sharing how I am going to be helping others with this.

I excitedly shared with her that I already have been.  INCREDIBLE 🙂

This is a HUGE accomplishment, one that MANY and MOST people don’t achieve in this lifetime.  WOOHOO!!!  I feel I need to do a bigger celebration for this.  FANTASTIC!  Very proud of you Blaire, quite remarkable!