May 30, 2013

Was out walking Magic and once again a Snake crossed my path.  Yep, a snake.  I love the snake now. He and I – we’ve made friends.  And this is an exciting moment for me.  A moment of peace, happiness.  Why, you ask?  Well because every time the snake has crossed my path over these 3 years – with seeing them every 2 weeks over these last 3 months – I have been freaked out.  Would be scared, start yelling, and a strong shiver would go through my body.  Snake medicine.  But today, I was happy to see the guy.  I wasn’t in my normal startled mode, but instead smiled and laughed, then told Spirit thank you because I was just in the middle of praying for something…. what a beautiful answer they blessed me with.  So what does this tell me?  Since I’m not scared and don’t have that shiver going through my body anymore?  I think it has to mean that I am attuned to snake medicine.  That I have reached a different level, I’m in new alignment with it.  Awesome.  What was also really cool – related to all of this is that the snake and I just sat there, both in one another’s space for some time.  Rather than me or it running off.  We both just held the energy for one another… or maybe it was just me holding the energy that it was sharing.  🙂  In any event, more transformation and healing for moi!  And I welcome it.  Thank you, I am feeling blessed and I’m also thinking that maybe it’s time to get myself a snake necklace.  Some sort of pendant or something.  If one of you artists out there make animal art (like me) – but specifically animal jewelry, and have a snake you’d like to send me, I’ll happily receive.  What a cool day, two powerful totems sharing love with me 🙂

See what I bolded?  🙂

I posted that information / paragraph on my Facebook.  All of it.  With the request / receiving there too.

Why not?  They’re my community, right?  I share with them, they share with me — maybe?

Interestingly enough I was praying about receiving a gift when that snake appeared.  Asking Spirit to surprise me with something wonderful today.

They said, you already got the river otters this morning.  That was them joking with me.

I said, something else.  More.  I’m open to receiving more.

And yes, I was asking for money again — my rent money, etc.

And then this snake appeared.

And then I went to get the laundry and I was thinking again…. how would my life be different if I just stayed in the trusting and knowing.  Stopped the constant prayers for more money and more students, etc…. and just went with the knowing all the time.

The knowing in the core of my body.  Not thinking it or faking it in my head — but the knowing in the core of my body.

And I can’t help but wonder or assume that this is one of the gifts the snake and Spirit gave me today with this recent sighting.  Nice 🙂

I’m going to turn off the computer for the night.

I’ve been on it too much.  And back on Facebook too much.

Rest.  I can find other things to do.  Like cook a beautiful meal.  Stretch.  Artwork.  A bath.  Nature. Swim.  (I’d really like to go swimming today, but I’m sure the water is cold and don’t feel adventurous about it like yesterday.)  I’ll go in the tub.

Good night 🙂

Ohh, and yes, lots of fun numbers again today…. 5:22 and 5:33 — and all day long a variety of those.  Very nice, it all makes me smile 🙂