July 3, 2013

Last night I did an akashic reading for myself.  I don’t have special training, nor have I taken a class — I just followed the instructions in this book I use.

I think the information I got is pretty decent and wanted to share it here with you.

With Akashic readings you can ask why, what, and how questions.  Those are questions I like answering… here we go.

ME:  Can you please tell me why it has taken so long for me to take my place as a teacher and leader in this world?

THEM:  Dearest Blaire, you have not been ready – there has been much to learn – to work through – so you are able to share.  Patience is a virtue and you are still working on mastering that lesson.  Besides all of this, everything is moving as planned and you are where you are supposed to – meant to be.

ME:  How much longer will it be before I am in the spotlight – in my role as leader and teacher?

THEM:  My darling Blaire, you are so focused on an end destination you have not realized how you’ve recently stepped into the forefront now with the Zimmerman trial.  Your teachings are current, you’re passionate, you look good, you have important things to share – and you are sharing them – and people are noticing.

ME: What do I need to do to take it up a level?  To be in front of more people, getting paid, being a leader and expert

THEM:  My dear, you are doing it now.  Notice how you feel different, more powerful and self assured?  You are doing it now.

ME:  How do I get my own TV show?

THEM: Continue on the path you are now – keep going and BEE-in joy.

ME:  Why has it not worked out in TV discussions with that TV exec?

THEM:  Because he is not the right outlet to nurture your talents.  He does not understand you – your work – or the direction potential of your career.  That is not the type of person you want to be partnered with. You even set that intention yourself – for someone to see your beauty and your wisdom and he does not.  That is why it has not worked out.  You are trying to “beat a dead horse”

ME:  Why has my ex been on my mind and in my dreams lately?

THEM:  Because you are processing things with him and he is regarding you – and you are both letting go.  That chapter is coming to a close and you are working out residual thoughts / feelings.

ME:  Why has my dad been on my mind and in my dreams lately?

THEM:  Same deal as your ex – you are working things out – its coming to a close – clearing residual energy.  It’s all the past.

ME:  How will I know a TV opportunity is right for me?

THEM:  You will “KNOW” – same deal with “RIGHT” person to work with

ME:  Why have I been told to not pursue tv execs right now and to not come up with new tv ideas?

THEM:  Because this information has already been worked out for you.  You will have to be patient and get comfortable with <SURPRISES>

ME:  That makes me think of my birthday – what should I do for my birthday?

THEM:  Do something fun and different – and prepare to be <SURPRISED>


I don’t like surprises… I always like to know what people are doing for me or going to give to me.  I like to know, that’s what makes me happy… not a surprise.  I also like to put in requests of exactly what I want.

I was tired when I wrote this…so I’m sure it could have been more details and gone on for longer… I also knew a lot of the answers, so whenever I do Akashic records I wonder if I am already normally connected to them — cause I do this sort of channeling regularly when I write with my guides and angels.