March 13, 2014

Last night the lizard was in my dreams playing hide and seek.  It was my green lizard friend again.  I love him.

LIZARD:  Dreams being reviewed before they manifest in the physical.  Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life. Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others to accomplish what is necessary.

My guides told me last night when I was in a dream: “The good news is now you can manifest anything you want”

Hmm, that’s interesting.  I thought we can always manifest everything we want.  Maybe what they mean by that is all doors are open.  All blocks are cleared.  Opportunities await.  I will spend some time at the pool thinking about this, writing out what it is I want (although between you, me and Spirit, I’ve posted this out many times)

Then this morning, Magic pointed out to me another totem.  He was in our house.

SCARAB BEETLE: RESURRECTION. The Scarab brings new life and vitality.  It can teach you how to pace yourself through the seasonal changes of the year.  Also, gives insight into past lives and spiritual enlightenment.

Awesome.  She rises again.  And this is true.

I’ve noticed over the past week I have been “attacking” — “critiquing” so many TV stations, as well as the news.  I feel very passionate about it – with a tinge of anger at times.  It’s definitely been a heated / passionate week so far!

Here are some posts from my Twitter this week.

Notice there is me

1) Criticizing USA’s new show Chrisley knows Best

2) Me criticizing NBC News, an anchor quite because they wouldn’t let her report on the truth

3) Me criticizing the Malaysian Airlines — and more so the Globalist agenda — and the news for reporting fake stories.  IT MAKES ME REALLY MAD

4) Me criticizing NBC’s new show Believe for being so violent.

Wow, it’s been quite a week!  I’m laughing and smiling and PROUD of myself looking over these posts.  Good for you Blaire, so proud of you, my powerful beautiful Warrior.

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