June 22, 2013

I’ve been noticing this conflict inside of me for a few weeks now, but today I will acknowledge it on here.

I think you’ve already noticed it with me — about social media and about sharing.

This may end up being a two part post cause I think these two issues are separate but related.  Let’s see how it goes…

Social media.  One part of me thinks it’s good to have my profile up there.  “Everyone’s up there” and I should represent.  It’s a good way to post news with what I’m offering, say a new program, etc.  Good way to get the word out and a good way to get new people to know about me.

But then there’s the other side to this…

Where I end up feeling pressure to post all the time.  Yes, I understand I’m the only one putting this pressure on myself, you can use social media anyway you want to.

But there’s then also the fear that if I don’t post once or twice a day how will people see me and see my profile?  How will I be on people’s minds?

So those two thoughts conflict one another and cause me more pressure.

Then I saw Kanye West’s twitter and he barely posts.

(although I did see his Facebook account and he posts there — but again, rarely)

So my thought lately has been…

Put it up.  Let it sit there.  That’s a place where all your people gather.

When you want to post an announcement about your business, you do.

Otherwise ignore it.

But then there’s the thought that it’s more work to do…

And what’s the point of posting if I don’t feel I get the response I’m looking for….

And so on.

So instead of doing anything to “fix” this situation right now, I’m doing nothing.

Just letting it be.

Letting the anxiety – fear – whatever the emotions are settle and leave.

I’ll check in in a month and see how I feel.

Then I’ll take it from there….

By the way, this is the same thing I did with something else in my business recently.

It was tugging at me about my prices — AGAIN!

Thoughts about lowering the price of something I offer, so I could move more products.

Doubts that maybe I was charging too much and that maybe I should lower it to make it more affordable to people.

And I recognized that back and forth drama in my head happening again….

And rather than reacting to it, I just let it be.

Let it sit.

Let the anxieties subside.

I chose to price them at a certain price for a reason.  The price was thought out as well as divinely guided based on the value those products and programs provide.

Same deal, rather than doing anything or changing them for the 40 millionth time, I just let it be.

Did not touch it.

Just letting things be…. rather than “fixing” and “worrying” all the time…. letting the thoughts pass by… letting things settle.  Checking back on it later.  None of these things need to be addressed now.