February 3, 2013

This post is related to my other post about Friendships and about being Healed.

Yesterday I was going through some confusion, which I knew that meant I was processing something.

Well, later in the day I knew what that processing was all about.

Time for me to launch something I have been thinking about on and off for many years.  That has something to do with a Friend Network.

You see, I realize that it’s time for me to accept on how I make friends, how I am with friends, the friends I like to keep, and the friendships I am seeking.

Friendship has always been a touchy subject.

I think mostly because my MOM (yep, her again) would make fun of me that I “didn’t have any friends”

But I always did have friends… just not the way SHE HAD HER FRIENDS.

And through the years I never told her to shut up — to stop joking — that it wasn’t funny — and that it simply wasn’t true.  It was just different from her definition.

You see, I have always been one to have friends from different places.  All different types of people interest me and I used to have different groups that I would hang out with — never really combining friendships, because I would fit in with my other groups, but my other friends would normally stick to their own group.

This was fine and I have no judgement about it and also I never really wanted to combine my friends.  I liked hanging out with this one on this day and that one on another day — and that would mean, one night I would be out clubbing (for an example) with a party friend, doing our sexy thing and picking up guys… but then the next day, I would (another example) be hanging out with film guys, who were usually on the dorky side, going to and discussing some sort of film.

And that was my life.

I had basketball player friends.  Black friends.  Smart friends.  Club friends.  Quirky friends.  Trendy friends.  Spiritual friends.  Dorky friends.  Popular friends.

All types.  That was my deal.

So it’s time to bring that back into my life.  And I have been…

But now I want to streamline it in someway and I’d like to make it into the business idea I’ve had for a long time.

I’m still playing with those logistics so I’m not going to go into it right now…

But the other element here is the non-commitment to friendships.  That may sound funny as well, but friendships take time and energy to attract, cultivate and grow.

That usually means seeing someone on a regular basis.

Or talking or emailing to them on a regular basis.

And I don’t want to do that anymore.  I actually haven’t been doing that in many years – but now again, this is where my business idea comes into place, as I’m sure there are others like me.

Who just want to, for example, say “Anyone want to go to the movies tonight”

and then they just go with whoever replies.

Who gives a shit.

It’s like a dial-a-date.

Okay… so here is part of the idea 😉 I did share it.

It’s about meeting new people and being non-attached.

Because for me, sometimes I just want someone to play tennis with.  At this point (I have to still think about this) I don’t really care who it is, it’s just a game… I would just like someone available when I am available.

And that’s the thing with friends too, the coordinating of schedules gets annoying to me.  I don’t want to bother.  Because again, maybe I’m a bit more focused on the activity than on the person.  The experience, rather than getting hooked into hanging out with a specific person.

Now of course down the line you want to hang out with a certain person, you decide you like them better than others, then fine… but for now, my variety gene is popping off and I’d like to meet different people who like similar things to me… from there I will decide yes or no to this person or that person.

And that’s what I’m working out… to make sure to attract the right people or some sort of “decline” function if you don’t want to go with a certain weirdo or whoever…

Beautiful realization.  I appreciate it and thank you Universe for the confusion!  It reminded me of this long lost idea that has been floating in my mind on and off FOR YEARS!  🙂  Happy to play with it now and bring it to fruition.