April 25, 2013

I have done some processing and clearing /healing work and I’m still leaning towards the belief – like I always have – that as a healer we should service all who come our way.

The new way I am looking at this is this way….

As long as a student is doing the work that is required of them each week (Spirit gives them exercises to do that I share with them) and as long as there’s a desire in them to heal or learn about a certain something, I will accept them as a private student.

So maybe that is a bit of screening, but I feel that the way other people presented it always made it sound… well, not good. ¬†Discriminating.. like people weren’t good enough.. and in my head I would always say when I heard them mention there was an interview process or that they don’t accept everyone into their programs… well I would always say, “yea right… if the person has the money to pay you, you’re accepting them”

So I always thought they were full of shit.

But here I feel comfortable with my stance on this.

My feeling is that if Spirit brought them to me, then there is a match between us and I am happy to help them learn/heal. Again, if they are doing the work provided and they are eager about sessions and to learn — I am happy to take them on that journey.