June 18, 2013

When I got in bed last night I pulled the message “Feel your dreams come true” — no need to struggle or strain, feel with emotion that they have come true, hold the vision and they will be here.

I loved that I got that message, since I was just journalling and thinking all night about how great my life is — how this is all happening now, etc — and how I’m ready for it.  It really made me excited (always does) to get confirmation from Spirit.

So something else dawned on me yesterday as I went to lay in bed and it was this…

1 – I’m super grateful that Magic is with me for this Adventure Out West.  If I didn’t have him I would be TOTALLY alone on this adventure and although there is a bit of inconveniences or worries related — him being in the car during driving / he doesn’t really like being in the car… him being in hotels alone… or me finding hotels that are dog friendly, along with cost… stopping to eat at nice restaurants or actually possibly NOT being able to stop at nice restaurants along the way…

So there’s things that I need to adjust.  But I am super grateful he’s here with me through all my adventures.  What a good buddy.

And this second thing

2 – That a soul is a soul.  A Spirit is a Spirit.

There’s not much of a difference between Magic or say, a friend / a human being.

He’s a Spirit.  A Soul.  And he’s my buddy.

Again, I was brought up to look down upon this — you should be friends with people… why do you hang out with your dog so much.. you are Magic are really attached to one another (said in a bad way / looking down upon / judging)… you treat Magic better than you treat me/people/your family (said by my ex, again in a negative / judging way)

Well… I would say people have personalities.  But so does Magic (dogs/cats)

I would say that people communicate with one another… but so do Magic and I.  I hear him, I listen to him, and vice versa.

I would say.. or rather, others have said… you like Magic because he doesn’t talk back to you.

Well, actually he does.  I know when he’s not happy with something I am doing or with something that’s going on… so he does talk back.

And why would you want to be friends/family with someone anyway who has an attitude towards you?  That talks back to you negatively?  Well, you wouldn’t.

So actually our relationship is much healthier.

A soul is a soul.  A spirit is a spirit.

Just because Magic is in a dog suit, doesn’t mean he’s not present.  Doesn’t mean he’s not “human” — he’s my buddy, my friend… and I’ve been saying cheerfully all day yesterday and now again today — I’m going on a vacation — a cross country adventure with my two best friends – myself and Magic.

So then again, people may say, what if you need help while you are driving, Magic’s not going to give you help.

Well, why not?

Are you thinking negatively?  Like something’s going to go wrong?

And you seem to forget that I’m connected to Spirit – my Spirit friends… and they provide for me — all the time.  Whenever I need ANYTHING.  So they’re here for me — and yes, just like I would to a human person — I would talk to them and ask them too.  Except they will 100% of the time tell me something positive and 100% of the time give me the solution that works.

So there you go… that’s actually better than being with a “human.’

Screw you people with that bad attitude judging relationships of people who are really close to animals.  Screw you 🙂