June 21, 2013

It may sound funny, but I’ve been feeling like a private citizen since I stopped on Facebook.

All is quiet.  Calm.  NICE.

It’s amazing how vulnerable and exposed Facebook was making me feel.

I couldn’t help it — I got involved in posting all the time — felt obligated to do it — I also did enjoy posting too — but it wasn’t a healthy situation.

So now I laugh because no one knows what I’m doing from day to day — because I used to report that online 🙂  Now I keep it to myself.

And I must say, it’s kind of funny / strange keeping these things to myself since I’m so used to sharing it.

And yes, there is still some thoughts that I should have the Facebook profile up there and that I just don’t need to tend to it at all — but I’m just not doing anything about it.

In the past I would debate the profile – whether to keep it down or put it back up.

But I’m just leaving it off for now.

It’s okay if I take some time off from it.

I am developing major dreams – bringing them to fruition – and I’m more focused like this, focused on myself, rather than feeling like I should post to show or tell others what I’m up to.

Focus inwards, rather than outwards.

I will also say that I needed to do that in order to hear my intuition more.

And that’s key, I really need to be on point these days for my intuition is what is leading me to my dreams.

Thank you 🙂