June 28, 2013

So I’ve been back on Facebook — through posting on Twitter.

And I’ve noticed that I quite enjoy it.


Because I have a new relationship with the whole social media thing.

I realize that the reason why I was having trouble with it was because of several factors.

1 – people would post on my status updates and I would get a wave of their energy.  This would bring me all different thoughts and feelings (I didn’t realize it at the time) and really bring me down.  Confuse me.  Upset me.

2 – I was taking it too seriously, the “likes” and “comments” — now I just post because it makes me happy and I don’t give a fuck about the responses.  I do it cause I enjoy sharing my opinion (more on this in another post)

3 – The other thing with not getting attached to the people on there is contacts.  Before I thought that the media contacts on there would be something good for me to reach out to — and then I would feel upset when they wouldn’t respond… or when they wouldn’t always respond.

Now I forget about that.  I use it as a tool to be seen and share my opinions, if someone wants to contact me, I welcome it.  But I’m not going for it myself.  I’m not going to initiate conversation.

So when I do it this way.  Oh, also…

4 – I don’t read the comments people make on posts of mine.  Again, I just put my thoughts out there and stay in my own energy — which means, I continue to laugh at what I posted or continue to admire my brilliance from what I just posted.

Again, this keeps me in my own energy, in my own high vibration, and not constantly on this up and down based on what others say and how others react minute by minute.

This is great.