March 30, 2013

I was reading someone’s web page – someone who’s in a group with me.  She said that she makes 6 figures a month.  I don’t believe that.  I don’t feel that in her energy.  I don’t feel that’s the truth.  But that’s besides the point.

She’s in this group I’m in.  She’s on Facebook.

And this got me thinking.

If I was a millionaire, as many people on the internet claim themselves to be — off of this internet marketing, which most of the time annoys the shit out of me, I just think it’s so pushy and phoney — then I would NOT be on Facebook.

And that got me into thinking.  I have such a dislike of Facebook.  And so do many of my students.

I have been thinking this the last several days — or rather weeks and months.

I don’t think my students are really on Facebook.

Well, I wonder about this.  I guess they are on there because they are lonely with nothing else to do, but I don’t think they really like it — well I know they don’t —

And I don’t like it.

I am on there because I feel I have to be on there for business.  Because I tell myself I am connected to media contacts on there, which is good…. but this has been years (I was late to the FB craze) and I don’t know if any new opps came my way because of Facebook.  It’s a waste of my time.

I hate creating these virtual relationships — don’t want to put time or energy towards them, and only really care about communicating with people who are right in front of my face.  Real relationships.

So that was one point.  The other point is that if I was a millionaire – when I am one, I won’t be wasting my time on Facebook.  Who gives a shit.  I see all these bestselling authors forcing themselves to post all the time, cause publishing companies want to see how much reach they have.  We’re told when we are young that life is not a popularity contest, yet that’s what we see in school, when you are picked to be on teams, or given gifts during valentines day or dances or who sits with who at the lunch room.  Yes life is a popularity contest.

And you do all this work to tell yourself that it’s not and that it doesn’t matter.  But then when you are going for a book deal, that question presents itself again, how many people are your reaching?  How many followers on Facebook?

And that’s not just for me, a first time author — but that’s what bestselling authors get who have been around for years.  Crazy.

So all of this I don’t like.  I think I have been letting it just be for several years, tolerating it, but more and more I feel like I don’t want to have any affiliation with it at all… yet I still continue on it, out of fear…. fear that you’re missing something.

I will say that I noticed about a year ago one spiritual teacher I’ve learned from at a point, had a FB profile and then totally removed it.  I give him props.  This is a very popular guy too.  He was like F’it.  This is a waste of time, I have my following, I’m getting off of here.  And he did. Hell yea, that’s the way.