November 6, 2012

Today has been a sleepy day.  A day of integration.  A day when I took in a lot of energy.  A day when I have been having a lot of awarenesses over the last week or two and a day when my body must adjust.  During days like these, I may have a dull headache (today I do)… and be a bit dizzy (I am)… and a bit tired.

Last night I didn’t sleep too well and I think overall I could use a massage.  (I’m going to schedule one).  Massages help me integrate new energy.  They also help me relax at a deeper level.  If you are not getting regular massages and in general caring for your body, I suggest you start. (I am going to talk about this in the next post).

So you may experience days of integration as well…. If you are on this past, I’m sure you already do, you may not notice them and push yourself through them.  If you do this, I encourage you to slow down and rest.  Today, most of the day I laid on the couch.  I tried to sleep but I don’t think it happened.  It’s just sort of an uneasy day.  Headache pain…. that doesn’t go away with headache medicine… lightheadedness… general crankiness… and tired.  It’s what happens when you take in more energy, when you are ascending more (going to a higher vibration) and it’s okay.  It’s normal.  It’s time to rest…. make sure you honor your process and not push through it like a machine…. or like maybe you have pushed yourself in the past.  Your body is changing, this is a beautiful process.  One where it’s key to listen to what your body is telling you.  Rest.  Relax.  Be.