May 31, 2013

On my way to the courthouse (or maybe it was right afterwards, I can’t remember now) I saw 999.

999 means conclusion.  End to a cycle.  I’m hoping that means this.

This marriage.

I’m assuming that’s what it means.

Assuming that’s my guides speaking to me.  My angels.  Telling me it’s going to be okay.

On the one hand it’s times like these that you pray and pray and you hope your prayer is answered.

This is one of those times when you pray and really want your wishes to be done.

But then you say “in the highest good” — cause in the end, there’s an understanding that g-d is in charge, and from this little perspective I don’t see all the gifts that are there to be received.

So it’s like on one hand you are super focused and then on the other hand you release attachment.  For the highest good for all.

After court, I went to sit at one of the hotels my 4 Day Retreat takes place at.  It’s so nice there.

I really enjoyed being in the upscale environment.

My whole life I’ve hated places like those.  Mocked them.  Resisted them.

Why?  Because they were my parents places.  I thought people were snobby there.  Thought the attitude of “we’re better than you” attitude went with it.  That’s always the vibe I got.  Was it from my parents?  Was it assumed?  Was is seen?  Was it all a disguise.

Well now I welcome it.
I claim it as my place.

That’s my type of environment.

It was nice working there.  Being there in that high vibrational place.  It made me happy being there.  It’s the only place I want to be.

Surrounded by beauty and luxury.

My kind of place.

I accept the 999 as a closure to the old me, the old lifestyle and the old types of relationships.

Close all the doors.

Walking proudly and assertively into the new.

And yes, I came up with some really good show ideas.  One I’m definitely moving forward on and developing.  Yes.