April 2, 2013

So today, I went to the beach this morning to relax and enjoy the day before my interview.  And there he was… a spider.

A constant totem to me these days.  Thank you.

These past few weeks – maybe 2 – ducks have been my totems too.  I like seeing them swimming in our pool, they make me happy.

And then today, before I interviewed Hugh Howey, a snake leaped out in front of Magic and I to eat a geiko.  It freaked the shit out of me.  He was huge – and again, freaked the shit out of me.

Two weeks ago I was excited to see the snake, my first time being excited to see one…

Today, again it freaked me out, gave me shivers, totally scared me.

And what was significant about today was that the snake ate something.  Went in there and attacked.  Big fish eat little fish.  I think this has to do with me rising above the little people in my life.  The ones who were holding me back or I felt were with their jealousies, etc.

I wonder what’s to happen in these next two weeks…

My life feels so fantastic today.

Ohh — I was swimming with dolphins last night in my dream.  Another wonderful totem.  Thank you!

And here is my interview!!

PS:  I later realized that the snake eating / attacking the geiko before my eyes was also symbolic of me CLAIMING my dreams; really going after them.  That came to me while I was sleeping 🙂