May 26, 2013

9:22 as I write this.

Number 9 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of the Universal Spiritual Laws,Karmaspiritual enlightenment andawakening, being a positive example for others, Lightworking, leadership, inner-wisdom and your soul mission.  Number 9 also relates to conclusions and endings.
Angel Number 9 is a sign from the angels that your life path and soul mission involve being of service to humanity through the use of your natural skills and talents.  Angel Number 9 suggests that you are a natural Lightworker.

22 – manifesting your highest ideals.


The Master Number 22 carries the energies and attributes of diplomacy, intuition and emotion, balance and harmony, adaptability, diplomacy, personal power, redemption, idealism, expansion and evolution, idealism, philanthropy and service and duty and manifesting your highest ideals and desires.  Number 22 is a number of power and accomplishment.


Very related to what I am doing.

Taking 2 days off computer, in silence.  So I won’t be posting here.

Need to get ready for the next phase of my life.  Need to adjust and get ready for new energy and activity going to be happening in my life.

Two days, not turning on computer.  None of that.  So no posting here 🙁

Will just have to go in my journal.

No checking email.

No music.

Going to be slightly weird.  But it’s what I feel called to do now.

I do it cause I know what’s to come!